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Sales & Service of Testing Equipments

Sales & Service of Testing Equipments


  • Fall protection equipments.
  • Breathing apparatus.
  • Personal gas detectors.
  • PPE Equipments- Helmets, gloves etc.
  • Fire protection Systems- Tanks & electrical Equipments.


Our physical properties laboratory is fully equipped to carry out any testing that may be required to compliment the drilling and situ testing performed during our geotechnical investigation works as well as for testing of construction materials. All testing is performed in accordance with the latest BS, ISRM or ASTM standards. Concrete testing facilities include fully automatic compressive strength machines.
Range of testing includes:-

  • Concrete mix design, air content, bleeding, density, setting time
  • Compressive strength of cubes, cylinder, core, drilling, tensile splitting strength, flexural strength, Kerstin, paving and masonry block testing
  • Carbon dioxide diffusion, Chloride ion in the concrete and concrete repair materials
  • Temperature monitoring in large concrete foundations and concrete durability testing using latest technology
  • .


In addition to drilling works associated with geotechnical investigation works, Gulf Laboratories can also undertake a wide range of drilling methods at diameters ranging from 100mm to 560mm.

Water Well Drilling

Steel or PVC well casing and well screen can be installed together with appropriate filter packs. We can also undertake pumping tests to assess well performance and advice on optimum well yields and p ump selection, as well as complex discharge and injection testing programs as part of hydrological investigations.

Groundwater Monitoring Wells

We have undertaken the drilling and installation of numerous groundwater monitoring wells in association with environmental impact assessments and long term groundwater monitoring programmes. Our drill crews and supervisory staff have a wide experience of decontamination procedures and sampling protocols to avoid cross contamination. We also undertake groundwater sampling together with measure ment of field parameters and subsequent laboratory analyses.

Soakaway Boreholes

We regularly undertake soakaway borehole drilling as part of infrastructure drainage schemes, together with permeability testing to assess dissipation potential.

Other drilling services

Other drilling services such as Earthing/Cathodic Protection Boreholes, micro piles and probe hole surveys can also be undertaken.


We are also specialized in the supply of Soil Investigation Drilling Rigs and geotechnical products. We offer the NEW, Nuclear-Free Electrical Density Gauge for Compaction and Moisture/Density Control, as well as the GeoGauge for measuring Compaction Uniformity and Stiffness. These equipment's are widely used in government departments, testing laboratories & construction industries.

Range of testing includes physical, mechanical and chemical tests like PSD, MDD/OMC, CBR, L.L, P.L, P.I. Linear shrinkage, sedimentation, complete chemical composite and inorganic pollutants analysis using the latest equipment.


We provide technology that is simplest, most accurate, economical analytical method for testing the oil samples. The instruments are specially designed to meet the growing demand in the oil & gas sector for element analysis with much lower limits of detections. We also offer turnkey solution for petroleum pipeline terminals, refineries and testing laboratories.


We conduct complete physical, mechanical and chemical testing of aggregate like PSD, AIV,ACV, TFV, WA,LA Specific gravity, Sand Equivalent, Soundness, Drying shrinkage etc. Cement testing includes Fineness, Soundness, Strength, Consistency, Setting time, chemical analysis etc.


This includes pile testing, In-situ CBR, Plate load testing, CPT, SPT, Soil resistivity, Rebound hammer test & covermeter survey etc. Presently we are the only laboratory having facilities of non-nuclear method of in-situ density and moisture content determination on the spot as per ASTM standards.


Material Lab is specialized in carrying out the environmental benchmarking, data collection, data analyses, data mining, technical support, and monitoring for environmental media such as drinking water, surface water, waste water, soil, sediments, sludge, ambient and indoor air, air emissions, and noise. Material Lab plays a key role in analytical testing, data acquisition, data analyses and data mining while supporting environmental consultants preparing Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), Environmental Statements (ESs), Feasibility Studies (FS), Remedial and Removal Actions, Site Clean Up and Monitoring.