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Agri Business Policy Development

Agri Business Policy Development

We work with governments, mining companies, private contractors and international funding agencies to help clients succeed through collaboration and innovation.

  • International agricultural development
  • Advisory services
  • Biosecurity
  • Training
  • Quality systems
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Capacity building

Our Services

  • Design and implementation of agricultural and natural resource management projects
  • Training courses and study tours: Short to medium term training courses tailored to client needs.
  • Capacity building and governance: Sharing knowledge with a view to building strong agricultural departments and agricultural systems.
  • Technology transfer and infrastructure development: Introduction of systems and technology to develop sustainable supply chains for quality assured products through management of Quality Assurance systems.

The overall aim of this multi-disciplinary project is to identify and facilitate adoption of innovative resource management practices for sustainable and profitable crop and livestock production system best suited to local conditions that enable improved market engagement. Components including

  • Value chain analysis for sustainable and profitable farming system.
  • Sustainable cropping systems for sandy soils.
  • Better integration of beef cattle production with crop production systems.
  • Improving the utilization of water and soil resources for free crop production in coastal area.